To quote the Limeliters,  "there's no substitute for experience".

Three disclaimers, THREE.

First of all, any parts or cars I have for sale are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please understand that I'm in this business to make money.  I'm also here to do the right thing by my customers. That having been said, I will sell a piece to the guy who puts cash in my hand before I 'hold' it for someone who is 'interested'.  If you tell me you definitely want something and that a check is in the mail then it's yours and I WILL hold it for you until payment is received.  Nuff said.

Secondly, I have a few titles available for you 'collectors'.  Yep, there are people who collect titles and registrations from various states and provinces.  Contact me and we'll work something out

Lastly, anything you read on this website is not intended to be a substitute for experience or common sense.  I'm not responsible if you hurt your little finger nor is the Jabberwocky or your high school English teacher.  Building and repairing automobiles takes intelligence, skill, sense, and the ability to look at something and say: "Wait a minute, that's not right.  I'd better do something about that."

When things get rough sit back and take a look.  Grab that shiny 9/16" end wrench and fondle it.  Feel how smooth it's surface is.  Get yourself a cold one.  Sit down and look things over.  You'll figure it out.   Really.

I have no association with anyone except me.  I'm not an employee of anyone that makes, sells (except for myveryownself), builds, or produces automobiles or parts for them.  I'm not related to anyone that does either.  I have no interest in any of the companies mentioned on this website other than being their customer and a minor representative for them.  The only company I am responsible for is my own ( http://www.thebriton.com )   If I like something I'll tell you.  If I don't then that will come out as well.