Da Door Panels


Making your own door panels just ainít no big deal, really.  Itís a matter of tracing the old ones onto a piece of fiberboard (you know, the stuff that looks like pegboard only without the holes) and making the cuts.


Iíve had good luck with a razor knife for cutting the fiberboard.  It drills like wood for the holes you need to make and you cover it with vinyl from the local fabric store.


K,  so weíll need a piece of fiberboard.  Weíll need a razor knife and a spare blade or two.  Some vinyl from the local girly shop (in just about any color your heart desires) and 3M Super 77 Spray Contact Adhesive.


Cut out your pattern based on the old panels. Mark and drill the holes accordingly and lay out your vinyl on a good working surface (an old door works great).   Using a pencil, mark around your new door panel, leaving 3 inches of overlap all the way around.  Following the directions on the can of 3M Super 77,  did you READ THAT??, READ THE DIRECTIONS and follow them, hit the backside of your vinyl and the front side of your door panel.  Give the glue time to set as per THE DIRECTIONS ON THE CAN. 


Lay the door panel down on your work surface with the glued side up.  Now you can lay the vinyl down, glued side facing the glued side of the door panel (it is, after all, CONTACT cement).  Place the vinyl down starting at one end of the panel and smooth it as you go.   Work out any air bubbles.  Once youíve gotten the vinyl smoothed out you can lay some weight down on the vinyl where it covers the door panel.  A piece of plywood cut to size with heavy books laying on it makes a good weighting device for letting everything set up nicely.  Leave it for a few hours just to be safe.


Once weíre set up and dry we can put the edge pieces back over the BACK of the door panel and cut out the holes for the handles and knobs.  Run around the edges of the vinyl and the outside edge of the door panel (now the back side of the door panel) with your 3M Adhesive.  Let it set up as per the instructions. As you fold the edges of the vinyl over to make them stick youíll find a need to make small slits to make corners and such.  Use your razor knife to make the slits in the vinyl.  Go carefully here.  Itís not hard to do, it just takes time.


Stand back and admire your work, you built those yourself.