Be Good To Your Gearbox


Some of our cars don't have synchro in first or reverse.  Yep,  'tis true.  We have to be NICE to them lest we cause them to come adrift or asunder. 


It's easy,  really.


Try this at home:


You start your car up and it's sitting there idling happily.  Push the clutch in.  Put the car in SECOND gear.  Yep,  second.  Now, without letting up on the clutch, obviously, put the car into first or reverse,  which ever you need.  Notice no grind?  No hesitation?  No balking?  It just slips right into the gear.


Nice,  eh?


What you're doing is taking advantage of the synchros that are in second gear.  You're matching everything up before dropping the gearbox into first or reverse. 


Do this EVERY time you need first or reverse and you'll save the leading edges of the appropriate gears.  It works.  I do it even on cars that DO have synchros in all gears.