Lists of Links to Check Out

Following is a list of spots you're likely to find useful.   These are listed in no particular order.  is a SUPER site for Spitfire/GT6/Midget info.  Check out Paul's site,  you'll be amazed.  Jeff and the folks at The Little British Car Company deal in Moss Motors pieces and provide a substantial discount off Moss' list prices.  The service is exemplary.  is the home of the British Cars BBS.  This is a wealth of information and some of the greatest folks you'll find.  Members from the world round share info and swap stories.  Join up!  It's free and worthwhile.  Not a lot of content other than TR6 with a bit of TR2/3 thrown in.  A great TR6 resource. is a place for the Spit owner.  Information, BBS, classifieds.  All available and all free. is one of the other spots you'll want to check out.  A plethora of TR information for the picking. Nice classifieds too.