The REAL luggage racks for your car


From time to time I manage to find the stainless and chrome racks that were fitted to our Little British Cars by the dealers.  These are the real deal.  The 'Amco' racks that are all rusted out and in need of a re-chrome just don't have the appearance we need for our cars.   If you're going to do it you may just as well do it properly.  Please note that I don't always have used racks in stock.  Once I find one I have a bit of work to do to get it ready for your car.  It takes time to disassemble, clean,  and then fully polish these racks.

This is a 'proper rack' on the back of my Spitfire. 


The 5 bar rack that you see above is just one of the 3 styles that are available.  There are 4, 5, and 6 bar racks available used.  When I get one of these racks I disassemble it,  fully clean it,  and then start the polishing process. I go over the racks thoroughly using my buffing wheels and compounds.  These racks shine very nicely when completed.  


The one disclaimer is that the pot metal pieces aren't always perfect.  Short of re-plating these pieces it's impossible to make them look as nice as the rest of the rack.  I do the best I can for you to insure that you get nice pieces. What many have done is to sand the feet smooth and then paint them either body color, silver, or white.


If you're going to get a rack for your car then please,  by all means,  contact me first if you want high quality and high shine.  If you're just shopping price then you'll find something that will suit you on Ebay I'm sure. 


My used 4 and 5 bar racks are $175 each.  Full polishing is extra, (including the assembly screws). The 6 bar racks are $190 with full polishing being extra.  Shipping depends on your zip code of course.  Shipping to countries other than the United States is, of course, higher.  I do not ship to france.  I'll be happy to provide you a quote for shipping to your country.


I also provide the service where I will polish your rack for you.  This includes the assembly screws and doing what I can with the potmetal pieces.  The stainless, of course, polishes well,  along with the chrome steel.  This service is $100 for all racks plus shipping.  I only provide this service for this style rack.  I do not polish the Amco style tubular racks.