Short Shifters From


Available for MGB, Midget, Spitfire, GT6, TR6, TR7

The 'core charge' has been dropped.  I can no longer sell shifters without receiving the core in advance.


Comparison of the Midget and Spitfire 1500 standard (lower) and short shifters (upper picture). 

While the Midget and Spitfire shifters are not identical, they are quite similar. 


Above is the '3 rail' shifter as correct for your early Spitfire and GT6.  You need to keep your existing bushings and circlip.



MGB and MGB-GT is above.  Earlier Sprite/Midget is very similar.


This is the single biggest improvement you can make to the joy of shifting your car.  The short throw shifter that I make gives you SO much more control over your gearbox.   With many miles of experience with this shifter I can tell you it's THE way to go in your Spitfire, GT6, TR6, Sprite/Midget, or MGB/GT.  You'll love it.

"Short shifter is awesome, highly recommended. Simple install with big improvement" 

(from a Spitfire customer)

Jim, The Eagle has landed. IT IS FANTASTIC! You are the MAN in CRAFTSMAN! I cannot thank you enough! This will look as good in the pages of THE MGB DRIVER as it will someday in my MGB!!! God Bless you Man! I hope that the article will generate good business for you as well! It has been my pleasure Lad!

(another happy fellow with a B)


"You were right Jim.  This is one of the best mods I've made to my Midget."

(Need I say more?)


Hi Jim. I received the shifter yesterday and installed it on the Sprite.  Tooled around a bit this morning and what a difference!  This is by far the best "bang for the buck" purchase I've made for my little car.  Thanks again!

(a Sprite owner)


Got the shifter yesterday, installed it in my TR6 today, I LOVE IT !  This thing is just great.  Thanks for providing this service.

(the TR6 owner had to chime in too...)


I installed the shifter today and all I can say is "WOW!". The shifts are now short and precise and the appearance is greatly improved. 
             This is how it should have been done at the factory. This is a modification that everyone should make to their Wedge.
                                                                                       (the TR7 owner loves his new shifter...)



You will truly love this modification to your car.  The shift throw is SO much shorter and positive, you'll not believe it. Gearbox control is yours with the Short Shifter from The Briton.


For the 1500 shifter you are supplied the spring hold down collar, the nylon bushing, and the spring.  You retain the plastic button and tiny spring off your old shifter.  Transfer your shift knob over to the new shifter.  Grease the shifter lower socket and arm. 


For the TR6 you are only supplied the shift lever.  You will retain your retention spring, bolts, collars, and the anti vibration spring and cup (the little pieces at the very bottom of the shifter).


For the 1275 and MGB you get just the shifter as that's all you need.  You'll keep your nylon cup that goes on the end of your shifter on the B.  If your shifter has the o-ring slot I will install a new o-ring for you before I ship.

Install is so easy and fast. 

On the 1275 Midget/Sprite you need a 7/16" wrench for the three bolts mounting the hold down plate.  On the MGB you need a 1/2" wrench for the hold down plate. For the MGB keep your old pivot bushing as stated above.


On the TR6 you'll need a 1/2 " wrench and a 7/16 " wrench for the hold down ring. 


The cost is $55, PLUS SHIPPING VIA Priority Mail.  The shipping charge is not included in the $55 charge.  I'll need your Postal code or country so I can tell you the shipping (it ain't much as the shifters only weigh 2 pounds).  


There is a finite limit to the number of these shifters available.  I now require you sending your old shifter prior to my sending out your short shifter. 


Please shoot me an email with your car model and year.  

 Email HERE