Triumph & MG Pieces and Parts

I've had to institute a minimum charge on parts folks.  I've avoided it as long as I can.  Minimum parts charge is now $20. 

Counsel, research, and advice is still a free service for my customers.




I'm now parting Spitfires, GT6s, Midgets, MGBs and MGB-GTs.

The models needed to be broadened out to accommodate new customers.  People are buying pieces for all sorts of Little British Cars these days and I want to be their supplier.

I have given up trying to list the pieces I have for sale here on the website.  It's easier for folks to just drop me an email and ask me.  If I don't have something I can usually locate it within a reasonable time.

Drop me an email and we can figure out what you need and what I have for your car.

I am starting to get heavy into luggage racks.  I've got all sizes of the stainless bar racks.  I only deal in the style you see below.  I disassemble them and polish them fully, assembly screws included.  If you're going to put a rack on your car make it a NICE one. 

Here's one of the racks I've done.  It really IS that shiny.  Stainless shines up just peachy.