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Just imagine your car, Spitfire, Midget, TR6, MGB, Healey, you name it, with a custom spare tire cover.  THIS is the single most impressive addition to your trunk (boot) ever.  

These are available in white or black vinyl material and with most any color embroidery you like. Please note that these are intended for interior use only.  

We CAN do other material as well.

 Here's the answer to covering your spare.  Any car,  any size,  black,  white,  embroidered, plain, all are available. 

The embroidery is done for each cover by machine.  This is high quality work and looks SUPER on your cover.

Plain covers for 13" wheels are $90. Plain covers for 14" or 15" wheels are $120.  If you want embroidery on the cover then it's gonna cost you an extra $25 for up to 10 letters. More than 10 characters will cost you more cause it takes more thread and work and fretting and whining.

Examples?  Sure.  Let's say you've got a Midget or Spitfire with 13" wheels and you want the word "Baby" on it.  The cover is $90 and the embroidery is $25.  All told it's $115 plus the shipping.  If we're going to do a 14" wheel cover for you and you want embroidery on it then we're talking $145 plus freight.

It's gotta be one line only and we're limited to a reasonable number of letters or things will look a bit off.   We can't put 22 letters on a spare tire cover,  the font would just be too small.  Let's talk about it and see what we can work out.

Freight is $9.90 shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Contact me for other freight charges.  I charge only the freight,  never a handling charge.

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