Who IS this guy?

(and why "thebriton.com"?)

I like cars.  I like all kinds of cars.  Old cars, (some) new cars, classic cars, antique cars, motorcycles, I like 'em all.  If it moves and rolls I pretty much like it.  I've been fooling with LBCs (Little British Cars) for some years now.  Starting in 1967 with the 59 Bug Eye Sprite up through my current LBC, the 78 MGB.  

I discovered that people buy parts for British cars.  They buy them for low prices and they buy them for high prices.  I wondered if they would buy them for reasonable prices AND great service.  Money back (within reason), help when they need it, advice, parts investigation, all those things that people need help with from time to time.  Instant shipping is something that I've yet to find in this business.  I mean THE NEXT DAY shipping.  Not 24 hour, not "as soon as we can get to it", not rapid shipping, but THE VERY NEXT DAY shipping.  

Guess who "Ships The Next Day"?  I do. Without fail.  I ship EVERY business day. Every time.  No exceptions.  The ONLY instance where I will not ship the next day is when I cannot.  I ship EVERY business day. If the US Post Office is not open I can't ship since I ONLY ship via the USPS (with the exception of truck freight).    

I do ship heavy stuff and some fairly large stuff through an association with a business "partner". We do ship engines and gearboxes via truck freight.  We've even shipped to Australia on a regular basis. Let me know your needs.

The differences between vendors of used car parts are customer service, price, and quality. 

Finding all three in one vendor  is the challenge that we all face.

Quality:  I don't sell crap.  I only sell parts I would put on my own cars.  It's that simple.

Price:  I charge a fair price.  I am in this to make money and to make repeat customers.  I've also made several friends along the way and plan to continue that pattern.  I don't gouge people on prices OR on shipping.  I charge JUST what the USPS charges for shipping.   I never charge 'handling' fees.

Customer Service: Things get screwed up sometimes.  If I make a mistake or a customer doesn't like the part(s) I send them then I work something out with them.  I've given people refunds.  I'll do it again.  I also let people know that I've received their payment and tell them when their piece(s) will ship.  


If it's British, it's The Briton

...and there you have it...after all my middle name is Briton.  No, really.

I don't sell parts for Klingon Cruisers any longer,  the market dried up.